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Night for Sight to Focus on Uncle Miltie

April 24, 1986|MARY LOU LOPER | Times Staff Writer

"Uncle Miltie," who's always been so benevolent for causes feting others, will be toasted May 9 at a gala at the Century Plaza. The Center for the Partially Sighted will present its Vision Award to comedian and television pioneer Milton Berle in recognition of his creativity and lifetime contributions to entertainment. The fifth annual Night for Sight is guaranteed to be wild.

Funny man Rich Little, host Steve Edwards and Jose Feliciano are booked to be outrageous. Clark Keen's orchestra will play. Tickets are $175 and it all goes to help partially sighted people of all ages to use their remaining vision for productive lives. The center, so far, has helped more than 4,000, many legally blind.

Chairman Jan Seligman and Isobel Tenzer have an honorary committee including Steve Allen, Wallis Annenberg, Lucille Ball (the 1984 recipient), Jackie Cooper, Donna and John Crean, Altovise and Sammy Davis Jr. (he was 1983 winner), Pat and Larry Gelbart, Barbara and Cary Grant, Dwight Hemion, Dolores and Bob Hope, Gene Kelly (1982), and on and on. Fred Stern is chairman of the center. Samuel M. Genensky heads it as director.

And El Pueblo de Los Angeles is about to have a new Padrino y Madrina.

Wednesday evening, the Merchants of Olvera Street host a reception to witness Vivian de Bonzo, granddaughter of the late beloved restaurateur Consuelo de Bonzo, bestow the titles of Padrino y Madrina upon John Bowles and Blanche Seaver.

The fiesta will be on the patio of Avila Adobe at 6 p.m. following margaritas.

When the late Harry Chandler and the late Christine Sterling saved Olvera Street from the bulldozers, they won the hearts of the local inhabitants. The vision they shared for restoring the Old Pueblo came true April 30, 1930, when Olvera Street officially was reopened. In the process they received the affectionate titles, Padrino and Madrina. The same titles were later bestowed upon actor Leo Carrillo and socialite Princess Conchita Sepulveda Pignatelli, then upon the late Hernando Courtright, proprietor of the Beverly Wilshire, and Senaida Sullivan.

Descendants of the families will re-enact the historic opening.

Los Angeles' best-dressed have always adored Jean Louis' couture. So has Hollywood: He was nominated 14 times for an Academy Award, received an Oscar for costumes for "The Solid Gold Cadillac." Remember his "Gilda" gown for Rita Hayworth? And the see-through beaded gown created for Marlene Dietrich's cabaret? His diamond dress designed for Marilyn Monroe (now in the collection of the Smithsonian Institution)?

He'll be honored Wednesday at the fourth annual Otis/Parsons Critics Awards Show at the Beverly Hilton International Ballroom. Nearly 1,000 benefactors are expected to see the couturier saluted by Carol Channing in a videotape tribute made before she left for her pre-Broadway tour. It's also the night that third-year and graduating seniors in the fashion design department headed by Rosemary Brantley parade their gems.

From Marjorie Lyte, we hear that the event last year netted close to $300,000. This year $350,000 is possible.

Jonathan R. Bloch chairs the dinner committee, with lots of assistance from Elaine Goldsmith (Otis board of governors' chairman), Dee Barnard, Helene Laub, Karen Baynard Gould, Lisa Bloch, Judy Blore, Lee Minnelli, Bridgit Martens, Joan Selwyn, Susan Temkin and Bronya Pereira.

Sitting at the Louis table will be James Galanos, Loretta Young, Happy and Frances Franklin and the Andy Piersons.

President Katie Osterloh, chairman Barbara Karl and awards chairman Kathleen Wills are shaping up "Afternoon With Eve" for May 6 at the estate of Barron and Marilyn Hilton. That's the afternoon the Mannequins of the Assistance League of Southern California bestow Eves on Los Angeles' best-dressed at a tea.

From Fredericka Roeder, we hear it will be a pink-and-white day with a Travilla fashion show, furs by Giba-Noblia, jewelry by Gumps, hair by Ace Davis of Beverly Hills.

But the Eves? Cyd Charisse (Mrs. Tony Martin) has been named Golden Eve (an Eve who's been an Eve before). And Eve Awards will go to a popular and glamorous group: Sue Young (wife of UCLA chancellor Charles Young and a spokesman for chancellors' spouses); Marjorie Lord (Mrs. Harry Volk), busy lady in television; Elise Pasetta (Mrs. Martin Allen), active in sponsoring charity shows; Rhonda Fleming Mann (Ted), Childhelp, U.S.A. and ARCS (Achievement Rewards for College Scientists); Barbara Bowie, chairman of the Angels of Orange County's Performing Arts Center; Teri Cahill (Jack) of the Cahill wedding gown family and a recent major benefactor to the Miles Jesus Seminary, and Mary Lou Hicks (Donald), now in Washington, D.C., with her husband, the undersecretary of defense.

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