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Dornan's 'Little Jew' Remarks

May 03, 1986

I am sickened and disgusted after reading the whimpering, whining, wimpy letter you published from Robert Dornan.

I fail to understand why The Times gave so much space to allow this repugnant politician to air his rank "apologia," if that is what it was.

The Times owes nothing at all to Dornan--you simply printed the news story of his unfortunate statement (buried deep on an inside page) and commented on it editorially--perfectly within your right and duty.

But the appalling effrontery of Dornan to come storming into The Times with his bizarre letter of protest is almost unbelievable. Dornan made the anti-Semitic statement--he cannot wash out that stain--not with all of his Jewish colleagues at his side--not by dragging his poor little daughter Kathleen to Jerusalem--and to Room 518 of the King David Hotel (he even gives us the room number--so we can check?)--and not by dragging the poor girl (on Easter, after Mass and communion) to the Holocaust Memorial.

None of this will do; nor all the perfumes of Persia and Arabia nor all the rivers of the world will wash out the words he spoke about Soviet commentator Vladimir Posner.

Why is Dornan unable to accept his own blunder? Why cannot he admit that he said these words? Why must he rant and rave and flail out against The Times, Posner, Posner's "sleazy" father, Iran, Iraq and the Democrats? He is truly a sleazy politician--running for re-election--and he will sacrifice anything--especially the truth--to get elected. How pitiful!


Manhattan Beach

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