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Cost of Driving Is No Longer Inhibiting

May 03, 1986

Oh, joy! Oh, bliss! Yesterday I filled my car with regular leaded gas at well below $1 a gallon! Now we can drive more often, we can take longer trips. The cost of driving is no longer inhibiting.

My daughter has been considering a new job 50 miles away from her home but felt she might have to relocate to avoid the high cost of commuting. Not to worry! With gasoline so much cheaper, a 100-mile-a-day round trip presents no obstacle.

Hey, I just read that the auto companies are bringing back the gas guzzlers.

My friends and I are excited about the prospect of getting back into those wonderful, comfortable, large cars that we had to abandon a few years ago in favor of economy-sized compacts.

Oh, joy! Oh, bliss! Thank heaven our politicians are too nearsighted to enact gasoline tax laws that would restrict our freedom to jam the freeways!

Who cares if we squander energy! When oil supplies run out, someone will come up with cheap alternatives, and now that we've demolished the oil cartel, those guys will never regroup and force up the price of oil.

Happy days are here again!


Los Angeles

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