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Is the Commissioner Out of Bounds?

May 03, 1986

Commissar Deane Beman's suspension of Mac O'Grady is the most outrageous of several small-minded actions that are destroying interest in professional golf. Deane says that:

--The American public no longer has the right to see Seve Ballesteros in action because he didn't compete in enough events.

--The 1985 record books will be doctored to make it look like Ballesteros never existed.

--Golf fans will watch the same 135 players week after week, even though the next Palmer or Nicklaus may be deprived of his chance to compete.

--Anyone with enough guts to speak out against him will not be allowed to earn a living.

It's unfortunate that Beman's quest for power is at the expense of O'Grady, and also the American golf fans, who no longer get to see the world's best and most colorful players in tour events. Fortunately, Beman doesn't yet control the Masters and U.S. Open.


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