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S U M M E R Scenes

May 04, 1986|Pat H. Broeske

AMERICAN JUSTICE--Action-thriller about an ex-cop who uncovers murder and corruption in a small U.S. border town. Jack Lucarelli, Wilford Brimley and "Simon & Simon" stars Jameson Parker and Gerald McRaney. (Movie Store)

BACK TO SCHOOL--Higher education faces its toughest challenge: Rodney Dangerfield, as a self-made millionaire (through his chain of Tall & Fat Stores), decides to join his son at college. Sally Kellerman, Burt Young, Ned Beatty and M. Emmet Walsh. Alan Metter directs. (Orion Pictures)

BELIZAIRE THE CAJUN--Cajun herbal healer Armand Assante fights marauding vigilantes in Louisiana, circa 1859. (Skouras)

BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA--Good ole boy trucker Kurt Russell turns reluctant hero in what's described as a mystical action-adventure-comedy-kung fu-monster-ghost-story about the imaginary world under Chinatown. John Carpenter directs from a screenplay by "Buckaroo Banzai" creator W. D. Richter. (20th Century Fox)

COMBAT SHOCK--A Vietnam vet finds the war hasn't ended when he returns to find the Mob has taken over his hometown. (Troma)

Los Angeles Times Sunday May 11, 1986 Home Edition Calendar Page 103 Calendar Desk 1 inches; 29 words Type of Material: Correction
Talking about picky, New World Pictures has petitioned Imperfections to correct two errors from last week's listings of summer movies: It should be "Reform School Girls," not "Girl." And "Vamp," not "Vamps."

DARK OF THE NIGHT--Psychological thriller, made in New Zealand, about a woman who purchases a haunted Jaguar. (Castle Hill)

DONA HERLINDA AND HER SON--From Mexico, a comedy about a mother who wants her gay doctor son (who's in love with a young music student) properly married. Enter a young woman who catches mom's approving eye. (Cinevista)

EMANON--A boy enlists the aid of a bum he believes to be an angel to help his mother overcome business and personal problems. (Paul Releasing)

EYES OF FIRE--Ghost story about a band of settlers lost in a demonic forest. (Aquarius)

FAST TALKING--Aussie-made tale of a teen-age Artful Dodger in Sydney. (Cinecom) FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF--Matthew Broderick, as a grandmaster in the game of adult manipulation, takes a day off (he ditches school) for a celebration of life. Written, directed and produced by teen-scene specialist John Hughes. (Paramount)

FUNNY DIRTY LITTLE WAR--Anti-war satire depicts a microcosm of political unrest. It happens in a fictional story, set in Argentina in 1974, when Juan Peron comes back from exile. A winner at the 1985 Berlin International Film Festival. (Cinevista)

A GREAT WALL--It's culture clash--with comedy--for American-Chinese visiting contemporary mainland China. The first Chinese-American co-production. (Orion Classics)

INVADERS FROM MARS--Remake of the nightmare-inducing sci-fi classic about a young boy who witnesses an alien spacecraft landing in hills behind his house. If only he could get someone to believe him. Karen Black, Hunter Carson, Timothy Bottoms, Laraine Newman and Louise Fletcher. Horrormeister Tobe Hooper directs. (Cannon)

THE KARATE KID: PART II--Kid karate champ Ralph Macchio and mentor Pat Morita journey to Okinawa, where each faces foes bent on their destruction. John Avildsen again directs. (Columbia)

LABYRINTH--David Bowie, Jennifer Connelly and a menagerie of newly created critters star in a fantasy adventure about a girl who must journey through a hazardous labyrinth in order to rescue her baby brother. Mupper master Jim Henson directs; George Lucas exec produces. (Tri-Star)

LEGAL EAGLES--Robert Redford, Debra Winger and Daryl Hannah in a comedy thriller about art fraud--and murder. Ivan Reitman directs. (Universal)

LETTER TO BREZHNEV--When a group of Russians visit Liverpool, England, they encounter cultural shakeups--and Cupid's arrow. (Circle Films)

LOW BLOW--Hiiiiyah! Martial arts master Leo Fong is hired to rescue a businessman's daughter from a commune. Troy Donahue, Cameron Mitchell and Akosua Busia. (Crown International)

THE MANHATTAN PROJECT--A resourceful high school student rises to the challenge of a science teacher and makes his own nuclear device. John Lithgow, Christopher Collett and Cynthia Nixon. Marshall Brickman directs. (Fox)

MONA LISA--Set in London's underworld, this gangster film focuses on the unusual relationship between a high-class prostitute and her driver. Bob Hoskins, Michael Caine and Cathy Tyson. Neil Jordan directs. (Island)

MY LITTLE PONY--First they were toys, then a TV series. Now the colorful little horsies gallop through their first animated feature. With the voices of Jon Bauman, Danny DeVito, Madeline Kahn, Cloris Leachman, Rhea Pearlman and Tony Randall. (De Laurentiis Entertainment Group)

NEVER TOO YOUNG TO DIE--A preppie turns James Bondish hero, thwarting a gang of psycho crazies bent on poisoning the water supply of a big city. John Stamos, Gene Simmons and Vanity. (Paul)

ONE MORE SATURDAY NIGHT--Zanies Al Franken and Tom Davis scripted and star in this comedy about the travails of date night. (Columbia)

QUILOMBO--Brazilian historical saga set in the 17th Century about black slaves who go on the run from the colonizing Dutch. (New Yorker Films)

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