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The Shining Spirit of Miguel Antero

May 08, 1986

Your paper has written much about Miguel Antero's death in rural Agoura and about the tragedy associated with this violent murder. But in neither your paper, nor in any other, have I seen the spirit of Miguel shine forth as we have witnessed daily until his untimely death. I write this as an inadequate candle to lessen the darkness we feel in the absence of the sweet light he illuminated with his presence. Because he was snatched away from us much too soon, and so that many can experience his loveliness, I present this to the public in his memory.


You touched all of us, not only with your sparkling brown eyes and dimpled smile,

But also with your genuine personality that spelled honestly, trust, and spirit.

We will never forget your sharing, the way you always treated us all so kindly, and your quiet way;

Nor will we forget your cute sense of humor and the fun we had with your tease.

You were (are!) simply special, no doubt born that way and wonderfully nurtured by loving family; death can not take that from you!

Thank you for showing us what "special" means; you gave us all courage to be more than we were before you lit our paths.


Agoura Hills

Joncich was Miguel's first-grade teacher.

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