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Tykes Have Their Own Ideas About Gifts for Mother's Day

May 09, 1986|SARVAT HASAN | Hasan is an editorial aide in the Fashino Section

What do children really want to give their moms for Mother's Day--breakfast in bed without burnt toast? A crayon drawing that could pass for a Picasso? A bouquet of wilt-proof wildflowers?

"Mom's" the word this time of the year, and Fashion86 managed to pry from some "mum" children their secret selections for Mother's Day:

Nicole Vejar, 6 ("but I'm really almost 7"), Corona: "Last year I gave my mother a little pen. I liked writing with it. This year I'd like to get her perfume, and maybe I'll make her some toast for breakfast."

Joseph Alongi, 7, Corona: "A diamond ring. I get an allowance now, and Daddy will help if I don't have enough."

Michele DeLar, 5, Ontario: "A Valentine. A great big one. And I'll help her make breakfast. I stir the cookies and then I eat them."

Sandra Duarte, 7, Corona: "I'll probably go with my dad and pick out a blue dancing dress. Something real pretty. He knows what she likes and he pays."

Steve Nam, 7, Corona: "A red rose. My mom would like that."

Tim Sovraske, 7, Santa Ana: "I could try to make breakfast, but Dad won't let me this year. Mom gives me money, and I'll probably buy her something. Maybe a ring."

Shawna Kaus, 6, Santa Ana: "We made paper flowers in school and a card. Mom likes it when I dust, and if I have to, I'll make my bed."

Leslie O'Brien, 7, Santa Ana: "I'm going to be a good girl. Dad helps me pick a present, and I mix the eggs for breakfast. I always give my teacher some flowers and apples, because I get 'Os' (outstanding marks) in school."

Juanita Longoria, 5, Ontario: "A big kiss. And lots and lots and lots of candy."

Eric McIntire, 7, Whittier: "I have $2 of my allowance, and I think I'll get her a new coffee cup. She needs one."

Aya Thomassian, 9, Tujunga: "I want to be an artist when I grow up, so I'd like to draw her a beautiful card."

Anais Thomassian, 4: "A picture of myself, and I'll be a good girl all day."

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