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Costa Mesa Freeway Accident Data

May 11, 1986

With reference to the recent article regarding the increase in number of accidents on the Costa Mesa Freeway: The new and rather staggering data provided by analysis of California Department of Transportation's own environmental impact study comes as no real surprise.

I have maintained from the outset that the data fed us by Caltrans and the Orange County Transportation Commission has been seriously skewed and biased.

The real question which continues to linger is simply "Why?" Why would these bureaucrats wish to urge a project such as the "commuter lane" if in fact there are inherent safety problems, increased fuel consumption, the probable failure of commercial acceptance and the fairly obvious fact that the drivers of this particular freeway are rejecting the project, as evidenced by the extremely light usage of the dedicated lanes?

Why has Caltrans and the OCTC turned a totally deaf ear to any request for a modification to their plans?

Why has Orange Mayor James Beam tied his career to the project? Why would another elected official, county Supervisor Ralph Clark, deride the findings of an opposing group, and then, with his fellow commissioners, refuse to debate or even consider the findings of this group?

Caltrans has decided for us all that the Costa Mesa Freeway commuter lanes are going to be a fact of life. Their arrogance speaks much for the politics of this county, and strengthens the impression that there are axes to grind.

The drivers on the Costa Mesa Freeway should be aware that apathy will win the day for the commuter lane and the machine that drives it.


Newport Beach

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