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Disastrous Fire at Central Library

May 11, 1986

The tragedy of the fire at the Central Library cannot be calculated in terms of dollars and cents entirely, which should be evident to anyone/everyone who has ever been in this magnificent, four-story "tribute to intellectualism," and having been a steady patron since the summer of 1955, I am having a hard time keeping from weeping.

I am reminded (painfully) of the arson that destroyed the Hollywood library on Ivar Avenue several years ago.

I cannot think of a more sedate, refined atmosphere in the entire County of Los Angeles, in which I have studied, read for pleasure, took advantage of the marvelous microfilm section, featuring the Los Angeles Times from 1881 to present day, listening to music, and have even read phone directories from all over the world, during the last four decades.

It has also been a haven for senior citizens, who could "catch up" on their education, and even meet new friends.

I could go on and on, but why? There are "adequate" libraries in the Southland, yes, but there was only "one" Central Library! I feel the loss as I would the death of a dear friend or relative, or the assassination of a head of state.

What next?


Los Angeles

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