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Cheaper in the Cards

May 11, 1986|JACK ADLER

If you're traveling through Scandinavia, check into the "city cards" available in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo, Oslo and Helsinki. There is also a "country card" available for Sweden.

The six city cards are sold in the individual cities. The Sweden card has to be purchased outside Scandinavia, and is available in the United States through SAS or travel agents.

The Copenhagen card provides unlimited travel by bus and rail in the metropolitan region, admission to 39 museums and sightseeing attractions, and discounts on crossings to and from Sweden. The cost for a one-day card is about $7.25; for two days, $13.30, and three days, $18.

Unlimited travel by bus, subway and tram with Oslo Sporveier, and on Norges Statsbaners commuter trains, is the key ingredient with the Oslo card. You also get admission to various museums and attractions, and discounts on sightseeing trips, car rentals and restaurants. A one-day card costs about $7; two days, $10.50, and three days, $14.

Sightseeing tours and unlimited travel by bus, subway and train is a feature of the Stockholm card. You also get admission to major attractions and museums. Prices are $8.40 for one day; $14, two days; $21, three days, and $28, four days.

Still in Sweden, the Gothenburg card offers nightclub admission as well as entrance to all museums, sight-seeing trip by bus and unlimited use of local transportation. Cost: $7.70, one day; $12, two days, and $15.30, three days.

Malmo, in southern Sweden, offers a card providing unlimited travel on bus transportation and admission to museums and attractions. Savings are also offered on various excursions. The price is $2.80 for one day; $4.20, two days; $5.60, three days, and $8.40, for a week.

The Sweden card, good for a year after purchase, costs $17. It provides discounts on hotels, car rentals and purchases at several stores. Admission to various attractions and events is another feature.

In Finland, the Helsinki card gives you unlimited use of local transportation; museum admissions; sightseeing tour by bus; discounts on hotels; and special restaurant offers. Figure about $9 for one day; $12 for two days, and $15, three days.

With each card you get a brochure explaining the assorted features and benefits. Prices in dollars for the city cards are based on exchange rates as of this writing.

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