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Castration and Rape

May 14, 1986

In frustration with the criminal justice system, Pete Schabarum suggests the death penalty for murderers and castration for rapists.

Are castration and/or death penalty extreme? Not when they stem from actual instances of rape or murder.

When a person deliberately takes the life of a fellow human he forfeits his own life just as definitely as anyone on a race track forfeits his right to the contest if he in any way interferes with conduct of another contestant on the same track. His social order should henceforth provide him consummation of that forfeiture. Not out of hate, spite or revenge, but mere justice.

Likewise, when a person deliberately commits a rape he forfeits his further right to full sexuality and castration is in order as consummation of that forfeiture.

Thus rape and murder would become definitely taboo and law would become a definite deterrent to be considered. As of now, it's a farce not worthy of respect. Deterrence stems from definiteness and consistency! Indecision crystallizes into doubt and doubt into failure, like we now have it.

This definite consistency of tabooness needs to be inducted from childhood in the home, school, and nationwide (even worldwide) via mass media. Can it be a deterrent? Of course it can, and will if we make it such.



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