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Like, Totally Hip

May 15, 1986

Don't waste that waist! Don't hide what's between your hips and ribs under expanses of cloth. Why? Because hip huggers are back!

If you thought you had left those midriff-baring togs behind with your psychedelic posters and Day-Glo miniskirts, think again.

"They're a throwback to the '60s, but they're different in that people now are very health- and figure-conscious," a Valley trend watcher notes. "They want to show off their figures.

"In the '60s, people weren't as health-conscious. They were just thin. Now, figures are athletic. That kind of body looks better in hip huggers.

"But," she sniffs, "it's kind of like with the miniskirt. . . . I think only young girls should wear them."

"I wear them because it's a mod look," chirps one style-conscious teen. "I want to get some black ones . . . with lace-up fronts."

One young North Hollywood girl thinks the hip huggers do, indeed, flatter her. "I feel like a fox in them," she burbles. "I think I'm Twiggy."

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