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Fake Frat

May 18, 1986

As a concerned member of the Sigma Chi fraternity, I must take exception to two aspects of Calendar's "Bloomington 'frat' house" photo ("Back Home in Indiana," by Robert Hilburn, May 11).

First and foremost, the way the photo was displayed could definitely lead one not familiar with the Greek system to believe that the beer swilling locals are indeed members of my fraternity.

However, closer inspection reveals that what the Greek letters spell out is the thinly veiled, "Sigma Epsilon Chi" (or S.E.X. for the laymen). "S.E.X." is most assuredly not a member of the Interfraternity Council, nor, to my knowledge, a self-respecting organization at all, simply a prank so typical of those whose lone initiation into a Greek letter organization is multiple viewing of "Animal House."

Secondly, it would be nice to see one of the nation's largest daily newspapers have the decency to refer to a "fraternity" as such, and not as the vulgar "frat." A "frat" is a further hinderance to our constant war on juvenile stereotypes of us.


Chapter Editor, Sigma Chi

Eta Beta Chapter

Long Beach State

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