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'Teachers Fairly Well Paid, Happy'

May 18, 1986

Re "Survey Says Teachers Fairly Well Paid, Happy" (April 30):

I was glad to read your reporting and wonder if Education Secretary William J. Bennett, who thinks teachers earn enough money, would have had the same response if 75% of the teaching force were not women.

The report omits such things as conditions of work, the hours an educator puts in per day and per seven-day week and the years of experience and salary raises versus those of other individuals with comparable education.

On behalf of the educators in Santa Ana, I state that until this nation's leadership ceases providing a smoke screen in regard to education, we will continue to have the turmoil that confronts us today. Teachers are the bridge to the future, and our children are our future.

I resent the secretary of education's position on teaching as a profession, and I am glad you chose to quote those who are closer to the front lines of the profession.


Santa Ana

King-Burney is president of the Santa Ana Educators' Assn.

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