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Dear Dale:

Opening the Door to Cabinet Suppliers

May 18, 1986

Question: Is there a source for replacement of kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts? The professionals seem to be able to get them, but we cannot find where they are available for the do-it-yourselfer.

Answer: There are many sources for cabinet doors. We haven't confirmed it, but we're told that even Sears offers them in their Home Improvement catalogue, and Builders Emporium can also order doors for you.

Among the cabinet firms in the Los Angeles area is Centinella Cabinets, 6020 West Boulevard, Los Angeles 90043. This cabinet firm, owned and operated by Edward and Mike Arzouman, offers a choice of probably 50 cabinet doors that can be ordered for you in wood or plastic laminate. They also have some hardware available and are generous with advice to the customer.

Another source is Re-Nu Cabinets of California, 6848 La Tijera Blvd., mentioned in the April 20 column about refacing cabinets. Frank La Rosa, the owner, and the Arzoumans at Centinella point out there is a trend today to what is known as European cabinets; that is, having a simple flat door with no panels or decorations and covered in plastic laminate, mostly in white, beige or light colors.

If you go the plastic laminate route, keep in mind you should buy a product that is likely to be on the market in the same colors for some time to come, should you later want to add to the cabinet work you're doing now.

Also, you may want to discuss with your supplier the advantages or disadvantages of "European" hardware.

READERS REPORT: Our request (Dear Dale, April 13) for information about plans for a dumbwaiter brought several responses.

San Luis Mill & Lumber Co., 236 Higuera St., P.O. Box 1206, San Luis Obispo, Calif. 93406 is reported to have hardware and equipment for a dumbwaiter, available in 65-to-250-pound capacity; hand or electrically operated, with ability to travel 20 to 30 feet. Ask for Rudi.

R.W. Farrell of the development company that bears his name, 815 S. Central Ave., Suite 9, Glendale, Calif. 91204, reports that he has completed two town house projects in which hand-operated dumbwaiters from the laundry area to the second floor were installed. He says he has plans for residential model dumbwaiters, which are purchased, assembled and installed in a house.

Kelly O'Connell of San Diego says she answered a magazine and requested product information on a dumbwaiter from the Flinchbaugh Co. Inc., 390 Eberts Lane, York, Pa. 17403-0330 and received literature, price list, framing plans and an order form.

Susan Wood of Temecula sent us a clipped advertisement for a Homewaiter 75, manufactured by Inclinator Co. of America, 2200 Paxton St., Department 70, P.O. Box 1557, Harrisburg, Pa. 17105-1557.

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