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Nbc Is Assailed For Its Interview With Abbas


We get letters. . . .

This batch responds to two columns. One of them was critical of an NBC News interview with Palestine Liberation Front leader Abul Abbas, who threatened the United States with terrorism. Abbas agreed to the interview on the condition that NBC not reveal his whereabouts. The other column lauded the CBS drama "Second Serve," starring Vanessa Redgrave as Renee Richards. That column also quoted executive producer Linda Yellen criticizing Redgrave for petitioning British actors to blacklist Israel.

NBC gave aid to Abbas by providing him a platform to promote his cause. In time of war, when people give aid and comfort to the enemy, they are guilty of treason and can be hanged. Just think, if we were actually at war, we could grab that silly NBC peacock and wring that sucker's neck.



NBC's interview with a wanted terrorist was ugly journalism at its greediest. As for the media's whining about the Administration not letting them know in advance about Grenada, I don't blame the Administration for not trusting them. Actions speak louder than any protestations of trustworthiness.


Studio City

When the press was excluded from Grenada, I think it came from a basic understanding that the press is automatically on the side of the Communists and cannot be trusted in any way to give the story out as it is. I also believe that there are many millions of people who buy the papers and listen to the broadcasts and who also do not believe what they see or hear. What you gave voice to in your article was what many of us have been saying for 40 years: The media cannot be trusted.



I consider what NBC did to be completely unethical, self-serving and a blatant disregard for propriety. Such irresponsible acts generate disgust for media hype among many Americans. NBC owes an apology to the country.


El Centro

I was saddened by the double standard used by you in your otherwise excellent review of the Renee Richards story and star Vanessa Redgrave. If Ms. Redgrave had been an ardent Zionist supporter of Israeli causes, doubtless not a line would be mentioned in your story because it is totally irrelevant to the review.

However, because she supports those "evil" Palestinians, you felt it necessary to write extensively about her politics. It was a cheap shot on your part.


Los Angeles

Thanks for at least exposing Redgrave for what she is. But the sadness is that Jews are being permitted to delude themselves that refusing to work with an anti-Semite is the same as blacklisting a la McCarthy.

For Jewish actors and producers to work with a known terrorist sympathizer is the same as being invited all over again to the concentration camps under the guise that they were are work camps.

Linda Yellen, Martin Balsam and others will rue the day that they permitted themselves to be duped by Vanessa. Her people will soon show them what they think of Jews.


Sherman Oaks

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