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State Lottery

May 20, 1986

The people of California voted in the lottery, now they should have a chance at making suggestions on the conduct of the lottery.

I feel the amounts given are entirely too big for one winner. Why not give smaller amounts and spread the wealth? Instead of increasing the big winner to $8 million or $9 million, why not increase the winners to 8 or 9 one-million dollars? That would make many more people very happy.

Instead of increasing the big prize another million every week, add another million dollars slot on the wheel.

As an example, the amounts on the scratch-off tickets have been increased, thereby decreasing the number of smaller amounts awarded. Cut down on those big amounts and increase the number of smaller amounts awarded. I cite this last game as example. No wonder people are getting disgusted and sales have been dropping.

Go back to the original smaller amounts where many more people at least won something. I have been buying tickets since they started, and I used to at least get $2 or $5 winners, but even those small amounts have decreased sharply since adding these big amounts on the newer games.

I am becoming very disillusioned with the lottery and am on the verge of ceasing to buy entirely.


Garden Grove

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