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Social Security and Sharing Sacrifice

May 24, 1986

It is suggested that a similar article be addressed to big business, and the rich, to forgo the many tax goodies and tax shelters which enable them to pay nothing or very little in federal taxes. Also ask the speculators in securities, commodities, real estate and other items to subject their capital gains at regular income tax rates as applied to wages and salaries.

Ask those who sell their homes to forgo the $125,000 exclusion from income taxes and pay regular taxes on the gain.

Ask income property owners not to use depreciation as an offset to rental income in these days of increasing real estate values.

Ask the owners of two homes not to deduct the interest payment on the second home.

Ask the elected and appointed office holders to reduce their bloated staffs and also not take so-called fact finding trips all over the world at taxpayers' expense.

Finally ask all elected government officials to forgo political campaign contributions (prostitute money) from lobbyists to enact special legislation to favor special interests which hurts federal income.

They too should share in the sacrifice!


Los Angeles

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