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More Blasts From Cannon

May 25, 1986|Pat H. Broeske

Along with dozens of titles touted at the Cannes Film Fest, Cannon Films has dozens more in various stages of development. At least that's what Outtakes found after looking through an in-house report.

Among the coming attractions (or not coming, bearing in mind that everything in this town is subject to change) were:

"Barbie"--The leggy Mattel doll "shows her owner that all of her dreams can come true."

"Peter Says Grace"--A romantic comedy starring Diane Keaton, about an amnesiac who marries the same woman twice.

"Barfly"--L.A. poet Charles Bukowski scripts the story of a vagrant writer whose derelict life style takes a temporary turn for the better when he's tracked down by a literary magazine. Mickey Rourke stars. This one's in negotiation, says the report.

"Captain America"--Frozen in captivity for 40 years, good guy Steve Rogers returns to defend America from the evil Red Skull.

An untitled Tommy Chong project, about a teen-ager who spends the summer with his rock 'n' roll dad.

"The Hunted," based on Elmore Leonard's novel about the son of a Detroit cop and a young Israeli girl who try to protect an American businessman (in hiding from the Mafia) in Israel.

"Kick and Kick Back"-- Macho kicker Chuck Norris has to guard a rich wimp.

"Sinbad"--Lou Ferrigno as the mythical sailor in search of four precious stones to turn the Wheel of Power.

"Duddy Kravitz: 10 Years Later"--Ted Kotcheff (who directed the original) is listed to direct. In negotiation.

"It Ate Cleveland"--Ick! A horrific monster rises out of polluted Lake Erie. And, by the sounds of it, it's hungry!

"Sister Street"--Ex-cop Lou Gossett investigates a white slavery ring. Script by Stirling Silliphant.

"Rockula"--Decisions, decisions. . . . A love-struck jerk must choose between a 400-year-old vampire or a career as a rock star.

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