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Draining the Lake at Carr Park

May 25, 1986

How could they drain the lake at Carr Park on the corner of Heil Avenue and Springdale Street in Huntington Beach during the nesting season for the ducks?

Just when the ducks need maximum food resources to care for their young, they are left with a puddle. The ducks' eggs and ducklings are now exposed to attacks by dogs and children by day and cats or raccoons by night.

Recently in an Oregon zoo, there were two bears living in a small cage. When they had a set of beautiful twins, the local citizens raised money to build a spacious bear grotto. The zoo keepers, in their infinite wisdom, killed the bear family to make way for the grotto. The total insensitivity of some bureaucrats has to be seen to be believed.

The beauty of the park is the ducks and the lake, but the city also has filled in a long finger of the lake and eliminated a small bridge. The vast area of the open grass is not used, but the area close to the lake is always heavily used.

If anything, the lake should be increased in size to give more people access to the beauty of a natural setting of water and ducks.

I find the priorities of the city to be totally insensitive and without imagination.


Huntington Beach

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