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Thompson Gone Again at Marina

May 28, 1986|JIM McCURDIE | Times Staff Writer

Dave Thompson, who 13 days ago retracted his resignation and returned to his position as football coach at Marina High School, has resigned again.

Marina Principal Ira Toibin said Tuesday that Thompson is "officially withdrawing from coaching" for personal reasons. The decision, if final, brings an end to a rather bizarre scenario in which Thompson resigned, was convinced to return, then decided he couldn't.

Thompson first submitted a letter of resignation more than three weeks ago, citing disappointment over a lack of administrative support of the football program and the inability to maintain teaching positions for his assistant coaches.

After nearly two weeks of indecision and meetings with administrators and his assistant coaches, Thompson told Toibin May 15 that he had reconsidered and wished to return as coach.

"Hopefully, we've come to a better understanding of the situation here, and we're on our way to solving some of the major problems here," Thompson said then. "I'm back at it, and I'm happy to be back."

But Thompson said it didn't take him long to realize he wasn't all that happy about returning.

"I just couldn't get motivated," Thompson said. "I tried to go back to work, and there just wasn't anything there. My heart wasn't in it.

"I wouldn't use the term burnout. . . . I wouldn't call it that. I'm not burned out of football by any stretch. Being a head football coach is a big commitment, and I just wasn't willing to make it again. I'm sure there's football in my future, whether it's at Marina or somewhere else. But I'm not even thinking about that at the moment."

Said Toibin: "From what Dave told me, I think he needed this time to be away from football. I'll support him on that."

Thompson recorded a 58-32 record in eight seasons at Marina, and has taken the Vikings to the semifinals of the Southern Section Big Five Conference playoffs the last three years. Marina had only one winning season before Thompson left Lynwood High to become the Marina coach in 1978.

Toibin said he was considering two options for selecting Thompson's successor. The first is to have Andy Donegan--Marina's athletic director and one of Thompson's top assistants--serve as coach for next season, then conduct a search for a permanent coach. The second is two begin that search immediately, but Toibin said he is "concerned about the quality of coach" he would land in a hasty screening process. Toibin indicated that a decision on the procedure would be made within the next few days.

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