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Court Bars Democrats' Bid Against LaRouche Hopefuls

May 31, 1986|EDWARD J. BOYER | Times Staff Writer

Democratic nominees to state constitutional offices, the Legislature and the U.S. House of Representatives or Senate automatically become members of the state Democratic Central Committee. They, in turn, are allowed to appoint other members, and still others are elected from county committees.

Seeks Reelection

In the 33rd Congressional District race where incumbent David Dreier (R-LaVerne) is seeking reelection, the LaRouche-backed candidate, Paul Jeffrey, could "easily" become the Democratic nominee, Wallace said, because "there's not that much Democratic money in the primary and not much attention" is being paid to the race.

Other candidates identified by Democratic officials as LaRouche-backed are virtually assured election to the county committee from the 42nd, 55th, 57th and 63rd Assembly districts, because Democrats have not fielded enough other candidates to fill the seven available seats.

LaRouche candidate Henry Gamboa, who is also seeking the GOP nomination for the 56th Assembly District seat, will be elected to the Republican county committee from the district because he is the only candidate running.

'Needs People'

Ghandhi said LaRouche simply wants "people to run for office, because this country needs people to run for office." LaRouche candidates would not change the Democratic Party's structure, he said, but they would change party rules, so that "there are policy discussions at the local level."

The Democratic Party's problem is that it has very little organization left, he said, adding "That's why we've been so successful."

What the party needs at the local level, Ghandhi said, is "something a little like the best elements of the old, big city political machines, where voters have a sense they own their representatives."


These candidates for Los Angeles County Democratic committees have been identified as supporters of Lyndon LaRouche or have been endorsed by the LaRouche organization, according to the L.A. Democrat, a publication of the Los Angeles Democratic Party. The list was introduced as evidence in a Los Angeles County Superior Court proceeding:

Assembly District 41

10 of 19 candidates John H. Brown, Jr., Consultant

Edward M. Corpus, Logistics Consultant

James M. Duree, Self-Employed Consultant

June Grussendorf, Consultant

Helen Morgan, Accountant

Maureen G. Pike, Housewife

Tim Pike, Writer

Daniel Platt, Translator

Carol M. Ruckert, Consultant

Patrick L. Ruckert, Consultant

Assembly District 43

2 of 13 candidates Don E. Marquis, 1984 LaRouche Delegate

John B. Weber, Retired Manufacturer

Assembly District 45

5 of 12 candidates Bruce M. Khouri, Entrepreneur

Michael R. Hodgkiss, Drug Counselor

Judy L. Huffman, Businesswoman

Mary Louise Khouri, Political Consultant

Margaret R. Levinson, Consultant

Assembly District 46

2 of 15 candidates Mary F. Lyans, Consultant

James D. Wyrick, Draftsman Contractor

Assembly District 49

1 of 8 candidates Joe Alcoset, Logistics Analyst

Assembly District 55

2 of 5 candidates Ted Andromidas, Political Consultant

Khushro Ghandhi, Consultant

Assembly District 57

3 of 9 candidates Mary C. Knorpp, Incumbent

David D. Schweitzer, Incumbent

Margaret Thrasher, Interior Decorator

Assembly District 62

1 of 8 candidates Paul Jeffrey, Masonry Contractor

Assembly District 63

1 of 2 candidates Ruth Stephenson, Int'l Affairs Spec.

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