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I am the attorney for Charles W. Knapp, former chairman...

June 01, 1986

I am the attorney for Charles W. Knapp, former chairman and chief executive of Financial Corp. of America and American Savings & Loan Assn.

A number of articles in recent months have referred to litigation against him. The most recent Times article on May 17 referred to the "buy-sell" lawsuit brought against American Savings & Loan by Dudley G. Kirkpatrick, a real estate developer, which is currently being tried in Sacramento Superior Court.

Your article failed to state that in January of this year, summary judgment had been entered in favor of Knapp in the Kirkpatrick case. Judge Darrel W. Lewis, the judge trying the case, wrote in his opinion:

"The court meticulously reviewed the entire file numerous times and gave the matter great consideration before concluding that (Knapp's summary judgment) motion should be granted.

"The evidence produced by (Kirkpatrick) fails to produce any evidence that Knapp was personally involved in any of the alleged misconduct, conspired to commit any of the alleged misconduct, or that he knew of it, authorized it, or ratified it.

"It appears that with the extensive and intensive discovery that has been conducted in this case, including lengthy depositions of all cross-defendants and other plaintiffs, there is simply no evidence, admissible or not, which points to Mr. Knapp's involvement or to his lack of credibility."


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