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Arty Eyesore

June 01, 1986

Charles Jencks the architectural historian says that buildings should communicate to users through visual metaphors and semantics ("A Thoroughly Post-Modern Thinker," by Elizabeth Venant, May 25).

What about the neighbors?

All I can read from the Jencks building crowding the smallish canyon lot behind my house is sheer blatant ego.

The small guest quarters look as if they should house a 50-foot poodle . . . and the tin car shelter? This elemental structure has a corrugated tin roof pitched as steeply as a Swiss chalet.

Were you expecting snow here in our California Canyon, Mr. Jencks?

You, Mr. Jencks, are not forced to gaze upon these realizations of your sardonic wit everyday. The canyon view from your living room is superb. I'm the one who sees your ugly tin roof first thing every morning.

All I can do is pour lots of water on the eugenia and hope for a little visual relief by the time I'm 65.


Santa Monica

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