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June 01, 1986

Boy, was I relieved to see the comments of David Fox ("Farewell to 'The Fantasticks,' " May 25)!

I thought I was the only musical theater nut who couldn't stand the show. As an album collector of over 900 cast albums (including four versions of "it"), and a veteran performer of community, college and professional musicals, I personally have seen 16 different presentations, and have yet to enjoy it (the closest I came was with an all-pro cast, starring a much-too-old John Raitt as the romantic narrator cum rogue El Gallo).

Two months ago in New York City, I turned down--for about the fifth time--an offer to catch the original production at the Sullivan Street Playhouse. I figured it would be around for another 26 years. My friend didn't, she went, and walked away with "an enchanting experience," topping, in her opinion, the opening performance of Bob Fosse's new show, "Big Deal."

Needless to say, I am kicking myself in the rump with my tap shoes for not having gone with her. I am deeply saddened that the lure of this theatrical treasure/travesty will probably be lost to me forever.

Oh well, maybe I can hope for a revival of "The Rocky Horror Show". . . .


Mission Viejo

Despair not--"The Fantasticks" isn't closing after all. Though producer Lore Noto posted a closing notice in mid May, he reversed himself Tuesday, announcing that he'd extend the play's run because he was "besieged" by intense demand to keep it open. When this news reached Calendar, Fox was heard muttering something about the public falling again for one of the theater's oldest tricks--advertising "last weeks" in order to drum up new business.

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