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Measure C and the Future of Santa Ana Government

June 01, 1986

I think it is a disgrace how few people take the time to vote. However, I think it is a far, far greater disgrace that now those very people who volunteer on commissions and committees and get involved with the activities of this city are in jeopardy of losing six of their votes!

Our current council manager system is a good one. Certainly not every one agrees or supports each individual council member on every issue, but voting for Measure C is just cutting off your nose to spite your face. The signs north of 17th Street supporting C are grudge signs. One is against Mayor Dan Griset; one is against City Manager Robert C. Bobb, and several are against the City of Santa Ana in general.

In defense of the current City Council, each member has gone out of their way working with my neighborhood these past few years. The results are very visible to anyone who walks through Historic French Park.

This council has taken the success of French Park and is working with neighbors in Heninger Park, Washington Square and the Eastside neighborhoods to create the same type of pleasant, safe historic areas in which families can once again establish roots in the central city area.

The key to a better Santa Ana is for people to get involved. Use your seven votes and build the kind of city you can be proud of. Remember, voting for Measure C is similar to having seven lottery tickets, throwing away six and still hoping to improve your lot in life!



Historic French Park Assn.

Santa Ana

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