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June 01, 1986|LEE MARGULIES

Linda Evans of "Dynasty" will turn up Down Under on CBS next season. She's starring in "The Last Frontier," a four-hour movie about a Los Angeles woman with two teen-age children who marries an Australian rancher, only to have him killed as she is moving there. She must battle the environment, her unhappy children, his untrusting children and a ruthless neighbor, played by Jason Robards. Also starring is Jack Thompson, who appeared in "Breaker Morant" and "The Man From Snowy River."

Philip Michael Thomas of "Miami Vice" is starring in "Society's Child," a TV movie for NBC about an interracial romance. Lesley Ann Warren portrays the divorced mother with whom he falls in love. But their lives are disrupted when her ex-husband sues for custody of their daughter because of his opposition to the union.

Michael York, Rod Steiger and Colleen Dewhurst will star in "Sword of Gideon," a TV movie for the Home Box Office cable service about the counterterrorist team that was set up to avenge the killing of the Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972. Steven Bauer stars as the leader of the team. The film is based on the book "Vengeance" by George Jonas.

There will be two "Ghostbusters" cartoons on TV this fall. One, "Ghostbusters," is a syndicated series about two men and a gorilla who battle supernatural phenomena; it's based on a live-action children's series that ran on CBS' Saturday morning schedule in 1975-76. The other is "The Real Ghostbusters," which will be based on the movie "Ghostbusters"--complete with the hit theme song by Ray Parker Jr.--and will air Saturday mornings on ABC.

The Annenberg/CPB Project to develop television courses for college credit has allotted nearly $4.5 million to new telecourses dealing with history and archeology and to the pilot for another program about chemistry, "The Chemical World." "Master Teacher: Western Civilization" will feature 26 hourlong programs based on the lectures of UCLA professor Eugen Weber. "New Directions in Archeology" will include an eight-part TV series.

George McKenna, the principal at George Washington High School in South-Central Los Angeles, will be the subject of a TV movie on CBS next season, showing the success he's had in turning students away from violence and back to education. Appearing in the title role of "The George McKenna Story" will be Denzel Washington, who plays Dr. Phillip Chandler on NBC's "St. Elsewhere." And speaking of elsewhere, guess where this film about L.A.'s Washington High School is being filmed: Houston.

That's not the only biography in the works for presentation on CBS next season. Also on the agenda: films about Frank Sinatra, Charles de Gaulle, Sam Houston, Gen. George Patton and Ingrid Bergman.

Peter Ustinov will be back as detective Hercule Poirot again next season in a new Agatha Christie movie for CBS, "Murder in Three Acts." Joining him in the picture, which is being filmed in Acapulco, are Tony Curtis and Emma Samms.

ABC has been showing reruns of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" in its daytime schedule, but it plans to preempt the show for two weeks beginning June 16 to try out a similar series with the same host, Robin Leach. Getting a tryout will be "Fame, Fortune & Romance," which the network says will report on "today's most successful personalities . . . how they live, how they love and how they made it to the top."

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