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Hands Across America to Help the Hungry

June 01, 1986

There is a dangerously concealing shroud being worn by the organizers of Hands Across America--the same shroud is being worn by all practitioners of altruistic methods who vow to relieve this world of its hungry and homeless.

This shroud, tailored by altruistic moralists from a fabric weaved of tales of suffering and the benevolent glories of selfless sacrifice, covers not a body with the divine right to save the world, but a body assuming the power to demand that we--those who possess a solid dollar more than the suffering--be their savior.

There are necessary questions arising from this situation:

What right have they to imply that this altruistic subsidization is the moral duty of all citizens? And that citizens must subordinate their lives and dollars to the welfare of others? And that the suffering in the world need be each and every citizen's primary concern?

By what right do they propound this altruistic morality?

Upon close examination of this "morality," one can easily see the basic pattern of this socialist, i.e. collectivist, fabric. And it is fitting that they have tailored this shroud--an altruistic shroud--beneath which they hide their demands of sacrifice, for if citizens accept this slow-killing morality, it will be the very shroud in which the United States of America, with all of its achievements, is buried.



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