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Times Ballot Recommendations

June 01, 1986

Primary Election, June 3, 1986

The Candidates

(As a general policy, The Times does not endorse candidates in partisan primary elections. We will, however, express a preference in most contests before the November general election.)


Superintendent of Public Instruction: Bill Honig

Los Angeles County

Board of Supervisors:

1st District--No endorsement 3rd District--Edmund D. Edelman

Assessor: Sid Delgado

Sheriff: Sherman Block

Judges of the Superior Court:

Office No. 1--Leon S. Kaplan Office No. 2--Judith M. Ashmann

Office No. 12--Bernard Kaufman

Judges of the Municipal Court:

Compton Judicial District: Irma J. Brown

Los Angeles Judicial District: Bob Furey

Pasadena Judicial District: Judson Morris

Rio Hondo Judicial District: J. B. Casas Jr.

Whittier Judicial District: James A. McKechnie

Orange County

U.S. House of Representatives

40th District, Democrat--Bruce W. Sumner, write-in candidate

40th District, Republican--Nathan Rosenberg, write-in candidate

Judge of the Superior Court:

Office 5--William W. Bedsworth Office 15--David Brickner

Office 17--William F. McDonald

Judge of the Central Municipal Court District:

Office 9--James M. (Jim) Brooks

Judge of the North Municipal Court District:

Office 3--Richard Edwin Behn

Board of Supervisors:

2nd District--Harriett M. Wieder 4th District--Jerry M. Patterson

5th District--Tom Riley

Assessor: Bradley L. Jacobs

Clerk: Gary Granville

District Attorney: Cecil Hicks

Public Administrator: William A. Baker

Recorder: Greg Winterbottom

County Board of Education:

Trustee Area 1--Judy Ackley Trustee Area 2--Frances B. Murphy

San Diego County

Mayor of the City of San Diego: Maureen O'Connor

Judge of the Superior Court: E. Mac Amos

The Measures


Prop. 42: $850-million bond issue for California veterans' home purchases--YES

Prop. 43: $100-million bond issue to acquire and improve local and regional parks--YES

Prop. 44: $150-million bond issue for water conservation--YES

Prop. 45: Allows state to deposit money in credit unions--YES

Prop. 46: Eases restrictions on local governments' general-obligation bond issues--YES

Prop. 47: Requires state to give vehicle license fees to local governments--NO

Prop. 48: Limits pensions of legislators and judges--YES

Prop. 49: Prohibits party endorsements in nonpartisan elections--NO

Prop. 50: Allows disaster victims to rebuild without property-tax increase--YES

Prop. 51: Limits "deep-pockets" liability on some damage claims--YES

Prop. 52: $495-million bond issue for county jails--YES

Los Angeles County

Charter Amendment A: Allows some county managers to opt out of Civil Service--YES

Charter Amendment B: Makes county assessor an appointive office--NO

City of Los Angeles

Charter Amendment C: Changes method of paying back benefits from compensation


Charter Amendment D and Prop. E: Allows City Council to lengthen cable-TV franchises--YES

Orange County

City of Irvine

Measure A: Limits council terms--NO

Measure B: Provides for direct election of mayor--YES

City of Santa Ana

Measure C: Provides for council election by ward and election of mayor--NO

San Diego County

Prop. K (San Dieguito area): Incorporates Encinitas, Leucadia, Cardiff and Olivenhain into

one city--YES

Prop. N (Solana Beach): Incorporation of Solana Beach--Yes

City of San Diego

Prop. E: Amends city charter to allow entering multi-year labor contracts--YES

Prop. F: Raises police salaries 17% and affixes them to those in other large California cities--NO

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