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ABC Trustees Congratulated

June 08, 1986

In reference to the recent 4-3 vote in favor of the Niemes Alternative Program (Southeast/Long Beach sections, May 22), we would like to commend Catherine Grant, Barbara Goul, Homer Lewis and Richard Arthur for their courageous adherence to the proposed program and all of its components, and for their commitment to quality education for all the children of the ABC Unified School District.

These board members consistently showed their dedication to their principles in the face of tremendous pressure and opposition. This action clearly demonstrates their enthusiasm for progressive education and their farsightedness in providing an alternative to traditional schooling. Such schools of choice have been shown to be both viable and effective.

By voting in favor of this program, these board members join their voices with those of the White House Conference on Children, the Phi Delta Kappa Task Force on Education, the Carnegie Commission on Higher Education and the National Advisory Council on the Education of Disadvantaged Children.

Catherine, Barbara, Homer and Richard, we appreciate and applaud your actions. A sincere thank you from us and our children.


Parent Members Niemes School Site Council chairperson


Drama Club chairperson


Dance Club chairperson


PTA executive board secretary

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