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A Postscript

June 14, 1986

Your article "The Big Guys in Little League" in the Valley Sports section of The Times on June 5 was very interesting and meaningful to me, particularly so, since I know Steve Hirsch and his family.

I'd like to share a prologue and a postscript with you.

My good friend Mike Hirsch, Steve's father, often, and with great passion and excitement, shares stories of the early days of the West Hills Little League group, when he, along with many other fathers, helped build the fields, the snack shack and most importantly when he coached Steve, his brother and countless other boys.

These days he visits the field as a spectator, stands outside the chain link fence and watches his grandson Timmy play on his dad's team.

However, the postscript and the greatest satisfaction, for Mike and the countless fortunate coaches and former coaches, has to be when someone, an apparent stranger, stops them near the field or on the street and says, "Hi, Mr. Hirsch, do you remember me? I was the troublemaker on your team in 19--? You don't know how many times I've thought about you and wanted to thank you for being so tough with me. Playing on your team was the best thing that ever happened to me!"

Again, thank you for the story.



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