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Atheists and Graduation

June 15, 1986

Once again an atheist has won without much trouble from the educators of our land.

Weak-kneed and full of false interpretation, our Los Angeles Board of Education knuckled down to atheist James Brodhead over the age-established custom of blessing school graduations by a prayer of benediction on behalf of students beginning their life outside of high school influence.

Graduates at Van Nuys High School were robbed of a blessing on their futures because Brodhead's little boy Dan wanted a "religion-free graduation." Daddy said his son was "delighted." How about the hundreds of other kids' graduation?

The L.A. board was only too quick and pleased to bend the knee to Daddy's demands. After all, they had earlier played "Uncle" and insisted that evolution be taught as fact in science classes in our schools.

Then, to top this off, The Times gives Daddy Brodhead a forum of a full column of idiocy (Editorial Pages, June 4), "Atheists Are Guaranteed Freedom, Too."

Both Daddy Brodhead and the L.A. board misuse and misquote our Constitution by talking about the First Amendment as if its intent was to keep religion out of government. Read it again, folks. It's just the opposite! The First Amendment was intended to keep government out of religion and the church.

If Christians don't speak out, or aren't allowed their forum, the atheists will win their godless crusade by default.

Do any of you Christians care out there?



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