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Australian Impact

June 15, 1986

An Australian couple, Reg and Rita Dennehy, wrote to The Times offering for an American family to stay with them on the basis that they stayed with an American family (a different sort of wrinkle on the home exchange program). Jerry Hulse ran the letter in Travel Tips on May 25. Within three days Reg and Rita received 68 inquiries. Mind you, it usually takes more than three days for mail to get from America to Australia, so goodness knows what they are in for in the next couple of weeks.

An awful lot of the letters start out with terms such as "G'day" and "The shrimps are on the barbie."

Reg and Rita do have a nice house in Australia, with billiards room, pool, a couple of cars and an earnest desire to make their guests perfectly welcome.

However it works out, we know the Americans will have a great time when they visit Reg and Rita, and from my experience of Americans, Reg and Rita are in for a treat when they get to the U.S.A.

Who said people don't read the travel sections in newspapers?


Australian Tourist Commission

Los Angeles

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