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Skater Gets Fans' Fancy

June 20, 1986|CHALON SMITH

One of the stars to emerge from Knott's "Ice Spectacular"is Canadian champion Brian Pockar, whose routines are generating a raucous reaction among many of the teen-agers attending the show.

The squeals begin with his opening appearance and continue through his rodeo-inspired skating in "Country Class" and his hip-jutting in "2086: An Ice Odyssey."

"I'm definitely surprised by all this and am not used to it," said the dark-haired Pockar. "I'm not skating with the idea of having them respond that way. But I guess it's a good thing; it shows that I'm holding their interest."

Pockar, who posed shirtless for the March issue of Playgirl magazine, said the mild suggestiveness of his skating is something of a departure. His competitive career has focused on "classical, more traditional" skating and his reputation as "more of a romantic figure on ice" contradicts his current role.

Still, Pockar is pleased with the response and says he's learning that sex, after all, does sell.

"This is all pretty flattering and I guess it can't hurt my career any," he said, grinning.

Is there life after Knott's? Pockar said he will continue to skate professionally while looking toward a television or film career.

"I've worked in Canadian TV, so I've got some experience. Maybe I can get lucky."

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