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Sunglasses that screen out 99% to 100% of ultraviolet rays are available from $2.49 (for children's glasses) to $250. Some manufacturers produce only 99%+ sunglasses; others produce a few lines in this range. This is a partial list of sunglass manufacturers who make 99%+ ultraviolet-screening sunglasses. In some cases, it is essential to read the style names, not just the manufacturers' names, before shopping. Prices are suggested retail for non-prescription lenses.

June 20, 1986

Bausch & Lomb, (716) 338-6000. Bausch & Lomb manufactures 400 models of Ray-Ban sunglasses, which come only in glass lenses. All models screen 98% and more of ultraviolet rays. A 100% model is the B-15 Top Gradient Mirror Lens ($64). The company produces two other, non-glass lines that screen 98%: Wings and Expressions. All Bausch & Lomb sunglasses have hang-tags with UV information.

Bolle America, (800) 554-6686. Bolle Irex 90+ and Bolle Irex 100 screen out 100% ultraviolet rays ($40-$135). Some other, lower-priced Bolle sunglasses do block 100%, but they are not uniformly labeled as such.

Colors in Optics, (212) 285-0007. Colors in Optics makes a department store line of sunglasses that screens 60%-70% of ultraviolet and another line, available mainly through optometrists and opticians, which screens 99.4% ($35-$50). Beginning with their fall line, the company plans to offer 100% ultraviolet screening in all lenses.

Corning Optics, (800) 525-4001. The Serengeti Drivers manufactured by Corning Optics are available in 18 frame styles, which cut 99% of ultraviolet ($65-$80). The Amber Sport Series cuts from 98%-99.5%. A consumer brochure with technical information is available.

Coopervision, (415) 856-5285. All Revo sunglasses screen 100% ultraviolet ($135-$200).

Foster Grant, (617) 534-6511. Many of the plastic-lens sunglasses manufactured by Foster Grant screen 99% ultraviolet

($2.49-$2.98 for children's glasses, $6-$18 for junior and adult glasses). Some glass lenses meet the 99% test, but few glass lenses are manufactured. Oakley Inc., (714) 951-0991. All Oakley brands are 100% ultraviolet: Blades ($64), Eyeshades ($59.95) and Frogskins ($35-$38).

Optyl Eyewear, (201) 767-3820. All Optyl sunglasses screen 100%: Boeing Collection by Carrera ($150-$225), Carrera ($40-$70), Christian Dior ($60-$250), Dunhill ($70-$200), Playboy ($40-$60), Porsche Design ($90-$250), Saphira ($35-$55) and Viennaline ($35-$55).

Perception Lenses by Telesis Marketing Group, (213) 859-2725. This company makes only 99% ultraviolet lenses, which other manufacturers turn into sunglasses. Most use a Perception Lens hang-tag to identify the lenses to the consumer ($90 and up, depending on style).

Polaroid, (617) 446-5852. All Polaroid lenses screen 100% ultraviolet. Some are put into Polaroid-brand sunglasses ($20). Those that are set into sunglasses produced by other companies are marked with the Polaroid name through stickers and hang-tags. A Benetton line using 100% UV-protection lenses by Polaroid has just come out ($20).

Sun Tiger Optics, (818) 957-6291. All Sun Tiger sunglasses screen 99.9% ultraviolet ($45-$50).

Tropic-Cal Sunglasses, (213) 747-4361. Most sunglasses with the brand name Tropic-Cal do not screen out 99%+ of ultraviolet, but Tropic-Cal does manufacture several brands under other names that screen out 100%: Liz Claiborne ($20-$35), Suncloud ($46-$78) and I Ski ($8-$30); some John Henry ($15-$24) and Henry Grethel ($24-$35) styles screen 100%.

Vuarnet-France, (213) 772-1100. All Vuarnet sunglasses screen out 100% ultraviolet ($50-$150).

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