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'Graffiti's' Graduates

June 22, 1986|Christopher Tricarico

"American Graffiti's" ad campaign asked the question, "Where were you in '62?" Calendar decided to ask the cast and crew of the 1973 movie, "Where are they today?"

Debbie, thebubble-headed blonde

Candy Clark, 38, is currently seen as Sean Penn's stepmother in "At Close Range."

Curt, who went to college

Richard Dreyfuss, 37, is set to star with Danny DeVito as aluminum salesmen in "The Tin Man."

Bob Falfa, the drag racer

Harrison Ford, 43, just finished "Mosquito Coast," directed by Peter Weir for Christmas release.

Joe, leader of the Pharaohs

Bo Hopkins, 43, just finished "Down the Long Hills," a TV movie based on a Louis L'amour novel.

Steve, most-likely-to-succeed preppy

Ron Howard, 32, who directed "Splash," "Cocoon," "Gung Ho," is in pre-production on "Vibes."

Big John Milner, king cruiser

Paul Le Mat, 41, was just seen on the NBC movie "On Wings of Eagles."

Carol, the 13-year-old brat

MacKenzie Phillips, 26, is touring with the Mamas and the Papas.

Peg, Laurie's girlfriend

Kathleen Quinlin, 31, just finished "Children of the Night" for ABC.

Terry the Toad

Charlie Martin Smith, 31, is directing "Trick or Treat" in North Carolina for Halloween release.

The blonde in the T-Bird

Suzanne Somers, 37, is singing and dancing in her own shows on the Nevada circuit.

Laurie, classic cheerleader

Cindy Williams, 37, and husband Bill Hudson just had a baby and soon she'll start on another TV series.

Wolfman Jack, disc jockey, himself

The Wolfman, Robert Weston Smith, 47, has a syndicated radio show airing on KRLA-AM.

The director/co-writer

George Lucas, 42, is exec producer for "Howard the Duck" and is overseeing final editing of the film.

The film editor

Verna Fields, who did the major editing on "Graffiti," became an executive for Universal. She died in 1982.

The studio exec

Ned Tanen, 46, an exec at Universal at the time, now is president of the Motion Picture Group at Paramount.

The screenwriters

Gloria Katz Huyck, 46, and Willard Huyck, 52, just finished making "Howard the Duck" in San Rafael. She is producer, he is director of "Howard," due out this summer.

The co-producer Gary Kurtz, 45, produced "Star Wars," "The Empire Strikes Back" and "The Dark Crystal."

The producer

Francis Ford Coppola, 47, is directing "Garden of Stone" with James Caan and Anjelica Huston in Washington.

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