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'Fanatics' on Supreme Court

June 25, 1986

George Will accuses the U.S. Supreme Court of "judicial fanaticism" in the recent reaffirmation of women's abortion rights. No, Mr. Will, it is you and other anti-abortionists who are fanatics. You are not genuinely interested in a woman's health and welfare when you push one-sided information about abortion at her. If you wanted honest disclosure, you would also insist that every pregnant woman be told:

1--The potential harmful physical and psychological effects of childbirth and the financial costs of raising a child through college age.

2--The type of birth defects newborns may have--including pictures of the worst deformities.

3--The availability of abortions, the much smaller costs and places for abortion counseling--and that the woman is urged to contact agencies that help with abortions, before deciding on whether to have a baby or an abortion.

4--That the woman be provided with literature concerning the amount and type of physical injury she may suffer during different types and procedures used during childbirth--including the possibility of her or the newborn's death.

5--That each pregnant woman be compelled to see pictures of women bleeding to death at the hands of illegal abortionists in the "old days"--or even by their own hands using crude instruments.

6--The profound psychological and social effects on her of even having a normal, healthy, active child around seven days a week for almost two decades. And also how she might feel if adoption is her choice.

7--The number of women left to raise children alone--by divorce, desertion of men or widowhood.

Now, Mr. Will, let's all be fair, and put all the information on the table.


Santa Barbara

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