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Nunn's Corner Adopts Weight-and-See Attitude

June 25, 1986|STEVE SPRINGER

Is Michael Nunn going to fight tonight?

Probably. But at this point, Nunn's handlers still want to weigh their options, not to mention their opponent.

Tonight's fight card at the Forum, scheduled to begin at 6:30, has undergone more changes than the tax reform bill. First Nunn (15-0, 11 knockouts) had to wait several weeks before his opponent was even named.

Last week, Nunn, a middleweight fighting out of the Ten Goose Boxing Club of North Hollywood, learned he'd be facing Ramon Perez (19-4, 15 knockouts) on a card that also featured super middleweights Lindell Holmes (30-4, 29 knockouts) and Randy Smith (15-6, 12 knockouts).

Over the weekend, Holmes dropped out and Nunn was asked to fight Smith. Fine, said Dan Goossen, Nunn's manager, figuring his fighter would be going at 160 pounds, the maximum, unless otherwise agreed upon, for middleweights.

Fine, said Smith, figuring he'd be going as a super middleweight at 165 pounds.

No way, said Smith when he was told late Tuesday that the Nunn camp was expecting a middleweight fight. "I've lost three in a row as a middleweight," Smith said. "Those days are over. I'm not going below 165 pounds."

Said Goossen, "The most we'll go is 162, maybe 163."

Joe Goossen, Dan's brother and Nunn's trainer, isn't worried. "It won't make a hell of a lot of difference," Joe said, "if Smith fights at 198 pounds."

A compromise seems inevitable. But at this point, it's a matter of weight and see.

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