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Downey : Shuttle Plaque Fund OKd

June 26, 1986

After four months of planning, the city will establish a fund this week to raise money for a $7,000 Space Shuttle Memorial plaque honoring the seven shuttle crew members who died.

The bronze plaque with a granite base was designed by Rockwell International in Downey, which has contributed $2,000 in artwork and labor to the project, according to Scot Yatsuya, assistant to the city manager.

The plaque will depict an airborne shuttle along with the names of the seven crew members who were killed in the Jan. 28 explosion that destroyed the shuttle Challenger.

Those who donate more than $5 will receive a certificate of rememberance signed by the mayor, Yatsuya said. Donations will be accepted at Downey Savings & Loan, 8444 East Florence Ave.

"We feel the community will be very anxious to donate the money," said Yatsuya. "Rockwell has meant employment and name recognition to Downey. Plus the accident itself struck a lot of people and I think they will rise to the occasion."

Surplus funds will be donated to the Space Shuttle Children's Fund in Washington.

For more information, call the city manager's office at 869-7331, Ext. 253.

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