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June 27, 1986| Compiled by the Fashion86 staff

Judith Krantz, one of L.A.'s reigning queens of popular fiction, tells us she's testing her wings as a costume consultant while her latest best seller, "I'll Take Manhattan," is being transformed into a TV miniseries. Krantz says she's helping choose the wardrobe for the leading lady, Valerie Bertinelli, who plays Maxi in the upcoming show. "I'm working with Ann Sterling (the costume designer) and the personal shoppers at the Beverly Hills stores," Krantz says. Listen saw Sterling at the recent Donna Karan personal appearance in Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, where Sterling told us Bertinelli will "definitely" wear some Karan clothes in the miniseries.

The memorable male has a great mind and decent haircut. Right? Not according to a note Listen just received from Gent products for men. The company asked 150 men if they could recall the name of every man they know who has manicured nails. The firm found 90% could remember those names, as well as other grooming details about the men. This bit of information led to a not-unexpected punch line: Gent is launching a five-minute, do-it-yourself nail-care system for men, which includes cuticle conditioners, removers and a clear "liquid application" called Gent Buffed Look. We dare not call it nail polish. Gent's slogan for the man who uses the products? "The well-nailed male."

Bravo to the Broadway stores. They really know how to celebrate Independence Day. Listen hears from the stores' Dana Tibbitts that Thursday through July 6 all sales personnel and mannequins in all 42 stores will sport green sponge crowns like the one the Statue of Liberty wears. And further, patriotic music (both canned and live) will be played to enhance the Fourth of July in-store festivities.

Deep Ear,our usually unimpeachable New York source, tells us that Ralph Lauren bigwigs have been in non-stop meetings with Rodeo Drive bigwigs regarding a sumptuous new Ralph Lauren shop soon to open in Beverly Hills. Ear also tells us that menswear maven Jerry Magnin, who owns the Rodeo Drive Polo shop, which carries Lauren's men's clothes, will be part of the new enterprise, which will reportedly offer a complete array of Lauren items for men, women and the home. Magnin was unavailable for comment.

When Fred Joaillier throws a party at Bistro Garden, you can bet there will be more than one punch line during the gathering. The reception earlier this month celebrated the 50th birthdays of both the store and of owner/president Henri Samuel. (He is son of founder Fred Samuel.) The president also announced plans to open a new Fred Joaillier--at the Galeries Lafayette in Paris. This is store 13 for the Paris-based jeweler. The store came to Rodeo Drive 11 years ago. Listen can't wait to hear the reasons for Fred's next little party.

Eau de Liz: Listen was sniffing around the fragrance industry recently and heard a rumor that Elizabeth Taylor may be doing a stellar scent for Prince Matchabelli. We checked with the company's manager of communications, Marcia Cummings, who told us: "Elizabeth Taylor is one of several people we're talking to, but nothing has been signed and nothing has been finalized."

Let's hear it for Bette Davis, who keeps herself in spiffy shape and maintains her wardrobe likewise. Listen hears from Edd Jacobs of Somper Furs that the woman with the original Bette Davis eyes recently swooped into his Beverly Hills shop and ordered a custom-made coat in what Jacobs thought was "a very avant-garde style for her. She was very specific about what she wanted," Jacobs says, "and I had to admit that when the coat was finished, it looked sensational on her." He describes the coat as "walnut brown Lunaraine mink with a loose body, broad Joan Crawford shoulders and a very tailored tuxedo collar." It hits just below mid-calf on Miss Davis. When Jacobs asked for an autograph to give his 19-year-old daughter, he says Davis graciously consented--and then said she didn't think any 19-year-old would know her name. Have we got news for her.

Handsome in white. That's the word on Rod Stewart, who walked out of Fred Segal's Melrose Avenue store recently with a predominantly white wardrobe. The line-up, according to store manager George Grimball, included a Kenzo double-breasted sport coat, a Dianne Brill silk suit with high-waisted, pleated pants (in which, we're told, the singer "looks great"), several pairs of shoes (some are actually cream and white) and umpteen shirts. It seems that as soon as Stewart spotted a certain Hugo Boss shirt (cotton, full-cut, long-sleeve, spread-collar), he bought every one (nine, for those who are counting) in his size. Stewart did deviate from his run on white when he spotted zoot suit-style pants by Zanella. Those he bought in every color in his size, which included gray, camel, tan, lavender, electric blue and, of course, white. But what about socks? Or doesn't the blond rocker wear them? He must, because Grimball says: "We threw in several pairs of white socks on the house."

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