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The Value of the Arts

June 28, 1986

I am writing in response to Julie Wheelock's article, "Abused Teen-agers Find Therapeutic Outlet in the Arts" (View, June 12). Elda Unger and her colleagues are performing a very important service to young people, and I am enthusiastic for their success.

The statement that spoke to me most directly was a comment by one of the students. "I really like attention," she said, "and this is a positive way to get it." All children have a need to express their talents in a positive way, and all children need to know that they have talents.

It was a most unfortunate decision of the Los Angeles school board to discontinue instrumental music instruction in the elementary schools. Children will pay the price if parents, teachers and concerned community members don't become involved.

"Children should be trained in musical note reading as soon as they can read on a third-grade level." That is the general consensus of music educators, according to Mr. Steve Pelucca, saxophonist and manager of the Reseda House of Music.

The parents of Reseda Elementary School provide a successful art program staffed by parents. We are convinced that children gain much needed self-esteem through art and performing-arts education.



Baily chairs the Reseda School advisory council.

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