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Hitler Shirts

June 29, 1986

The other day, while shopping in a store in Woodland Hills, I saw something that angered and offended me. A man obviously dressed in the punk style was wearing a shirt called "Hitler's Tour of Europe."

On the back was a list and dates of the invasions and occupations of various European countries in World War II. On the front was a picture of Hitler.

I cannot find adequate words to describe the filth that I saw in this shirt. I asked the wearer if he was a Nazi. He said, "No." I was extremely depressed at seeing this shirt. Part of the depression was that someone would buy such a shirt and wear it in public. I certainly am a believer in freedom of speech, but I don't think that a sensitive person would have the gall to display such filth in public.

I have no quarrel with people who like the punk attire. I certainly am not one who sticks to conventional attire or style. Some of the punkers are quite attractive and some not. In fact, I should not be picking on punkers for what I see as imprudent. What I do request is that sensitive people have the decency to not buy and wear such garments. There are many people who would be extremely offended, much more than I was, by such a display. Please be considerate of them.

Although I was not a victim of Nazi atrocities, members of my family and of my wife's family were. I am also a Navy veteran of the World War II, including service in the Philippines in 1944 and 1945.

Hitler was responsible for the loss of many millions of lives, many more than the 6 million Jewish lives so well known. Indirectly he disrupted many other lives. Anything that glorifies this monster is in extremely bad taste.


Woodland Hills

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