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Boring, Boring, Gone: a Sleepy Night at Stadium

July 05, 1986

A strange thing happened to my wife and I June 23 at Dodger Stadium. Something that has never occurred to either one of us before. We were bored!

We have never felt that way at a Dodger game. Usually we stuck it out until the end. But, my wife and I just had to get out of there. We did. It was the sixth inning. We chided ourselves for being die-hard Dodger fans all the way to the car. But we were. At least until this season. And why did we feel relieved when we left the stadium gates?

Because what we saw scared us. We didn't want to face the truth, no matter how painful that may be, that the Dodgers have become boring. The can-do team of yesteryear has become the can't-do team of today.

There just doesn't seem to be the same expectation that we had when Garvey and Cey were in Dodger blue. Somehow, Brock and Madlock don't quite cut it. I remember waiting expectingly at the edge of my seat for 'ol Garv to put one out, or Cey to waddle to first after punching one through. Now we enjoy Landreaux grounding to short or Sax hitting into a double play.

Where's the spirit? Many Angelenos complain about Dodger fan apathy. Leaving at the seventh inning, et. al. But why stay when the only aspect of a Dodger game that makes you leave your seat is the Wave?

The Dodgers have simply become a lax team. There is a definite lack of spirit, no oomph , so to speak. Who's to blame the fans for being the same?


Canoga Park

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