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Facts About Child Abuse

July 06, 1986

The abusive parent frequently has a history of having been abused as a child.

Misuse of alcohol and other drugs is common among parents who physically abuse their children.

Parents who neglect the physical needs of their children are quite often isolated from relatives, friends and neighbors.

Long-term chronic illness in a family accounts for many cases of physical and emotional neglect.

Most abusive parents love their children.

Most physical abuse occurs when a parent is attempting to discipline the child.

Delinquent behavior in children is highly correlated with physical abuse.

Delays in physical, emotional or intellectual development are often the result of emotional abuse.

Most children who are abused love their parents and want to remain with them.

The abused child is likely to be different (smaller than average, sickly, retarded, speech impaired) and is often regarded as unattractive.

Source: Frank Jameson, youth services coordinator for the Pasadena Police Department.

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