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An Editor Nods

July 07, 1986

"Quandoque bonus dormitat Homer."

"Sometimes even good old Homer nods." (Horace, Epistles, Book III, P. 359.)

Yes, the editors, proofreaders, typesetters of The Times are, like good old Homer, human too,.

"Republican Charles Evans Hughes" did not, repeat not, "lose California, and the presidency, to Democrat Woodrow Wilson in 1912." (Times editorial "Sorry Hiram, but Times Change," June 22).

It was 1916, not 1912, when Charles Evans Hughes left the U.S. Supreme court to run as the Republican candidate for the presidency against President Woodrow Wilson and lost California and the election. (William Howard Taft was the Republican standard-bearer in 1912.)

The Republican loss of the presidency to Woodrow Wilson in 1912 can be attributed to Teddy Roosevelt's split from the Republicans and his bid for the presidency on his Bull Moose party ticket.

Back to the history books, good editors!

George Slaff

Los Angeles

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