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A Bipartisan Finale on Libertyfest

July 09, 1986|MARYLOUISE OATES | Times Staff Writer

NEW YORK — "Hi. I'm with Suzanne," was Dr. Joseph Marx's introduction to the eclectic group of Californians they'd gathered at a wrap-up Liberty Weekend brunch at the Hotel Pierre.

From VIP Angelenos, the reviews of the weekend's events were rave. "There are not enough adjectives," the hostess insisted to a packed room that included one secretary of the Interior (Donald Hodel with wife Barbara), two Los Angeles County supervisors and spouses (Kenny and Ramona Hahn and Deane and Doris Dana), one couple of Reagan intimates (Harriet and Armand Deutsch) and a sprinkling of well-known names ("Cocoon" producers Richard and Lili Zanuck, and a polo-playing industrialist--Glen Holden with wife Gloria).

Secretary Hodel told the gathering that the restoration of the Statue of Liberty showed a tremendous spirit of volunteerism. If the government had run this, he insisted, "it wouldn't have been done on time."

Despite the turnout of politicians, it was strictly bipartisan. Kathy and Lou Moret were among the Democratic contingent--she full of enthusiastic news about Project Concern. That's the nonprofit group whose task is to clean up Los Angeles' public buildings--starting with a $5-million-plus job on City Hall.

With only minor complaints about the heat and traffic, Marx's buddies on the Liberty-Ellis Island Centennial Commission--Lady Dodge, Hilton Hotel's Jim Galbraith and Holden--were "thrilled" at the weekend. As was Marx, who promised, "This is our first big party in New York." At the word first, her husband merely shook his head.

STAR TREATMENT--Backstage at the tent serving as a makeshift "green room" at opening ceremonies, there were gobs of gourmet food. But Marcia (Mrs. Neil) Diamond, the newly slim agent Sue Mengers and her husband, Jean Claude Tramont, had a hankering. So they sent a messenger on the ferry from Governors Island--and had him bring back Burger King.

QUOTES OF THE WEEK--Public relations exec Walter Boxer, describing the over-35 social set in New York: "They are grown yuppies. That's slightly older than yuppies." That means they don't want--they have. . . . Shirley MacLaine in a fabulous coat for on-stage during Liberty Weekend: "I called up my friend Fabrice because I didn't have a thing to wear." . . . Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt, observing the name stenciled on a portable restroom on Governors Island, announced: "It shouldn't be Johnny's John. It should be Mary's loo."

ANY PORT--The Maxim's des Mers, the new luxury yacht done up in the style of its Paris restaurant parent, was the watery grandstand for the stars to catch the fireworks July 4. A party wouldn't be complete without favors and the yacht's directeur-general, Jean Miguel, gave his guests two-foot-high reproductions of the Statue of Liberty by Limoges. What a sight to see the stars of stage and screen struggling over the gangplank with their goodies. Liz Taylor liked hers so much that she asked for three more--to be auctioned off at a benefit for the American Foundation for AIDS Research. And Liza Minnelli liked the boat so much she booked passage for late July. Only one snag--when Taylor's escort, British industrialist Sir Gordon Wright, fell through an anchor hole, cutting his leg and ripping his trousers. But the captain took matters into his own hands--and sewed them up. The trousers, that is.

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