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Ideas for Dietary Substitutes

July 10, 1986

Mom's home cooking may still be the best in town, but if Mom is a traditional cook, the foods and methods she uses should be substituted with leaner fare, according to Joanne Caid, registered dietitian.

"One way we can lower our risk for heart disease is to reduce intake of fat, keeping in mind that diet is just one controllable factor for a disease that has many causes," said Caid, a professor of food science and nutrition at Cal State Fresno. "Other important factors include exercise, smoking and drinking."

"By making some simple substitutions and changing the way we prepare food, we can cut out unnecessary fat while still eating the foods we enjoy," she said.

A Nice Substitute

Low-fat yogurt, for instance, subs nicely for salad dressings when mixed with lemon, herbs and spices. Post this checklist of other smart substitutes on your refrigerator, or take it to the grocery store with you as a reminder:

--Dried peas and beans or tofu instead of red meat.

--Yogurt mixed with mustard, lemon, herbs and spices instead of salad dressings.

--Tuna packed in water rather than oil.

--Homemade gravies skimmed of fat instead of commercial gravies.

--Low-fat or skim milk instead of whole milk.

--Angel food cake instead of chocolate cake.

--Bran muffins rather than croissants.

--Steam or stir-fry vegetables instead of boiling.

--Baked instead of fried potatoes, adding yogurt and chives.

--Choosing leaner cuts of meat and trimming fat at home.

--Basting meats with juice rather than fat.

--Using microwave instead of conventional oven.

--Substituting air-popped popcorn for potato chips or corn chips.

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