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Partial List of Winners in Wine Judging

July 11, 1986

- Cabernet Sauvignon gold medal winners:

Priced above $11.50: Grgich Hills Cellar 1981, Napa Valley; Bonny Doon Vineyard 1983, Anderson Valley; Davis Bynum Winery 1981 Reserve, Sonoma County; Inglenook-Napa Valley 1981 Limited Cask Reserve Selection, Estate Bottled; Monterey Peninsula 1982 Doctor's Reserve, Monterey; Califia Cellars 1982 Reserve, Napa Valley, Foureeminette Vineyard.

Priced from $7.01 to $11.50: Cuvaison 1981, Napa Valley; Glen Ellen Winery 1983, Sonoma Valley, Glen Ellen Estate; Fitch Mountain Cellars 1983, Napa Valley; The Brander Vineyard 1983, California; Freemark Abbey 1981, Napa Valley; Monticello Cellars 1983, Napa Valley, Jefferson Cuvee; Sellards Winery 1982, Alexander Valley; Kendall-Jackson Winery 1983, Lake County; Robert Keenan Winery 1983, Napa Valley; Sierra Vista Winery 1982, El Dorado, Estate Bottled; Rosenblum Cellars 1983, Sonoma Valley, McGillivray Vineyard; Estrella River Winery 1980, San Luis Obispo County, Estate Bottled; Navarro Vineyards 1982, Mendocino.

Priced up to $7: August Sebastiani (Country) non-vintage, California; Grand Cru Vineyards 1983, Sonoma County; Rancho Sisquoc Winery 1983, Santa Maria Valley, Estate Bottled; Round Hill Cellars (House) N.V., California Lot 5; Rolling Ridge Winery (Red Table Wine) N.V., Paso Robles; Castoro Cellars 1982, San Luis Obispo County; A. Rafenelli Winery 1983, Sonoma County, Dry Creek Valley.

- Chardonnay gold medal winners: Priced above $12: Perret Vineyards 1984, Napa Valley, Carneros; Clos Du Bois Winery 1984, Alexander Valley, Calcaire Vineyard; St. Andrews Winery 1984, Napa Valley, Estate Bottled; Congress Springs 1985, Santa Clara County.

Priced from $8.01 to $12: Chateau St. Jean 1984, Sonoma County; Byron Vineyard and Winery 1984, Central Coast; Leeward Winery 1984, Edna Valley, MacGregor Vineyard; Karly 1985, Santa Maria Valley; Raymond Vineyard 1984, California; Silverado Vineyards 1984, Napa Valley; Navarro Vineyards 1984, Mendocino; McDowell Valley Vineyards 1984, McDowell Valley, Estate Bottled; Meridian Wine Cellars 1984, Napa Valley; Raymond Vineyard 1984, Napa Valley; Llords and Elwood Winery 1984 (The Rare), Napa Valley; Miramonte Winery 1985, Temecula.

Priced up to $8: Corbett Canyon Vineyards 1984, Central Coast; Leeward Winery 1984, Central Coast; Rancho Sisquoc Winery 1984, Santa Maria Valley, Estate Bottled; Baldinelli Vineyards 1984, Monterey County; R.H. Phillips Winery 1985, California; Colony 1985, Sonoma County, Alexander Valley, Gauer Ranch.

- Sparkling wine gold medal winners, least residual sugar:

Priced above $10: Sebastiani Vineyards N.V. (Brut), Sonoma County.

Priced from $6.01 to $10: Trader Joe's Winery 1982 (Brut Chardonnay), Sonoma County.

Priced up to $6: Trader Joe's Winery 1984 (Blanc de Noir), Sonoma County.

- Sparkling wine gold medal winners, residual sugar 0.51% to 1.4%:

Priced above $10: Gloria Ferrer N.V. (Brut Natural), Sonoma County; Van Der Kamp Champagne Cellars 1982 (Brut), Sonoma Valley; Weibel Vineyards 1982 (Brut), Mendocino County; Shadow Creek 1982 (Brut), Sonoma County.

Priced from $6.01 to $10: Windsor Vineyards 1983 (Blanc de Noir), Sonoma County.

- Varietal gold medal winners in the most expensive categories included: Cabernet Rose: Simi Winery 1985, Sonoma County.

Cabernet Blanc, residual sugar 0.71% to 3%: Sterling Vineyards 1985, Napa Valley, Estate Bottled.

Chenin Blanc, residual sugar 0.71% to 3%: Fetzer Vineyards 1985, Mendocino County.

Chenin Blanc, residual sugar above 12.1%: Callaway Vineyard and Winery 1982 (Sweet Nancy), California.

Gewurztraminer, least residual sugar: Chateau St. Jean 1985, Russian River Valley, Frank Johnson Vineyards.

Gewurztraminer, residual sugar 0.71% to 3%: Grand Cru Vineyards 1985, Alexander Valley.

Gewurztraminer, residual sugar 6.1% to 12%: Chateau St. Jean 1984, Alexander Valley, Belle Terre Vineyard, Select Late Harvest (four-star gold); Charles LeFranc Cellra 1984, San Benito County, Selected Harvest.

Merlot: Boeger Winery 1983, El Dorado, Estate Bottled; Newton Vineyard 1983, Napa Valley; Robert Keenan Winery 1983, Napa Valley.

Muscat, residual sugar 6.1% to 12%: Windsor Vineyards 1985 (Canelli), Sonoma County, Alexander Valley, Late Harvest.

Pinot Blanc: Congress Springs 1984, Santa Cruz Mountains.

Pinot Noir: Robert Stemmler Winery 1984, Sonoma County; Wild Horse 1983, Santa Maria Valley, Sierra Madre Vineyard.

Sauvignon (Fume) Blanc, least residual sugar: Dry Creek Vineyard 1985, Sonoma Valley; Solari Estate Winery 1984, Napa Valley, Chino Flat Vineyards; Hanna Winery 1985, Sonoma County.

Sauvignon (Fume) Blanc, residual sugar 6.1% to 12%: Robert Mondavi Winery 1981, Napa Valley, Botrytis; Lolonis Winery 1983, Mendocino County, Lolonis Vineyards, Late Harvest.

Sauvignon (Fume) Blanc, residual sugar above 12.1%: Austin Cellars 1981, Santa Barbara County, Sierra Madre Vineyard, Botrytis.

Syrah: McDowell Valley Vineyards 1982, McDowell Valley, Estate Bottled.

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