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Boyd Is Suspended for Leaving Red Sox Clubhouse

July 12, 1986|MIKE PENNER | Times Staff Writer

BOSTON — After walking out on the Boston Red Sox for the third time in two seasons, pitcher Dennis (Oil Can) Boyd has been suspended without pay for a minimum of three days, the team announced Friday.

Boyd stormed out of the Red Sox clubhouse amid a stream of obscenities before Thursday's game, angered over being left off the American League All-Star team for the second consecutive year.

Later Thursday night, located by a Boston Globe reporter while parked in his car in nearby Chelsea, Boyd said: "I should have been on it and I should have been on it last year, too. I want my reward and I want it today. Roger Clemens didn't get them (the Red Sox) there by himself, you know."

Boyd also told the Globe: "I got a good mind to go back (home) to Mississippi. I might be on a plane tomorrow. I've had it with this town. Any team would be glad to pay me to play. I've even got a good mind to go and play in Japan."

Boyd indicated he would rejoin the Red Sox on Friday, but at 5:10 p.m., when all players are required to be in uniform, Boyd had still not arrived at Fenway Park.

At 5:30, General Manager Lou Gorman announced Boyd's suspension.

"Until he shows up and apologizes to his teammates, he will not be given back his Red Sox uniform," Gorman said. "He's a pro baseball player being paid a pro salary. He's supposed to be here."

Boyd also went AWOL last year after being left off the All-Star team and again this year during spring training.

Gorman said Boyd's suspension is open-ended. "The longer he goes without showing up, the longer the suspension," he said.

Boyd, 11-6 with a 3.71 earned-run average, was originally scheduled to pitch Sunday's game against the Angels. Starting in his place will be rookie Jeff Sellers (3-3).

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