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San Diego

July 15, 1986

An eighth person pleaded guilty Monday to charges involving a ring that allegedly stole Navy jet fighter parts and sold them to Iran. The plea leaves just two defendants whose cases have yet to be resolved.

Primitivo Cayabyab, 37, of San Diego, pleaded guilty to three counts of conspiring to defraud the United States, theft of government property, and aiding and abetting in the exportation of government property. His attorney, George Hunt, said Cayabyab could receive 17 years in federal prison and a $600,000 fine.

Last week, four people accused of participating in the ring, including the alleged leader, pleaded guilty to conspiring to defraud the United States, theft of government property and interstate transportation of stolen property.

In exchange for the guilty pleas, no other charges will be brought against the defendants.

The San Diego-based ring was cracked last July, and authorities said it had been operating since 1981. Franklin Agustin of National City was accused by prosecutors of coordinating the ring by placing orders for F-14 fighter jet parts with sailors and civilians, who then stole them from the Navy.

The parts were eventually shipped to Iran, in violation of U.S. law, prosecutors allege.

Of the 10 people charged in the indictment, two are fugitives. They are George Pangilinan Agustin and Saeid Asefi Inanlou, an Iranian last seen by authorities in London.

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